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3 Leading Reasons Why Massage Therapy Should Be A Part Of Holistic Medicine

Massages have held quite a low profile until very recently. However, with the boom in the spa industry, traditional massage routines are coming forward each day. These routines have been studied and it is now quite clear that massages have a huge part in the holistic well being of our society. Especially in a lifestyle of constant desk jobs and reduced activities, massages can be the source of reviving the body to its optimum state. Here are the top 3 reasons that will help you make the right decision for your family’s holistic health and seek out the best massage techniques for you.

Massage can help reduce asthma symptoms

Studies have shown that children who had been given 15-20 minute massages in addition to their standard asthma treatment showed increased lung functions as compared to a group who received regular asthmatic care minus the massages. Many holistic researchers have urged parents to rethink their choices for their children’s lifestyle. Massage can help affect brain functions and also improve the rate of growth in undernourished or low-activity lifestyle children.

Massage can provide additional relief to breast cancer patients

Studies have showed that breast cancer patients who were given a full body massage on a regular basis showed signs of increased immunity, lowered pulse, and blood pressure as compared to a group of patients in the same stage of the disease receiving standard care minus the massage element. Full body massage helps the body release endorphins that allow the patients to feel less discomfort and pain during and after their chemo sessions. The massage also helps with the pain of the cancer itself.

Massage provides relief from pain of over exercised muscles

Massage has been a huge part of sports and athletic cultures for decades. It has been studied that with proper technique even a 10-minute session can help increase mitochondria production and reduces inflammation in over exercised muscles. The session can help fight exhaustion and reduce the proteins that are the leading cause of inflammation in such cases.

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