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A Simplified Dieting Guide For New Bodybuilders!

If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast, you need to focus on two necessary things to notice results – workout and diet! Besides weight training, compound exercises and cardio, you have to focus on eating right. Every person has a unique body, and therefore, one diet plan cannot work for all. In this post, we will talk about all the basic aspects that should ideally matter to new bodybuilders.

Consider your calorie intake

The first step is to understand your average calorie intake. How many calories you need each day is dependent on certain factors. Besides body weight, you have to check your age, height, muscle mass and overall metabolism rate. Some people tend to gain weight sooner than others. Start your bodybuilding journey with a food journal. Note down everything you eat in a week to know the error points. If you are keen on talking to a dietician, it is best to discuss your eating patterns and food habits.

Choose the right foods

Pro bodybuilders keep an extra check on their meals. The body needs three major macronutrients to build muscle – fat, protein and carbohydrates. You need to find a balance and make sure that these macronutrients are coming from right sources. If you want to shed some weight, you need to reduce the fat intake initially. Reduce your calorie intake, but in a gradual way, so that the body gets enough time to adjust to the changes.

Focus on supplements

Supplements are meant to fill the gaps in your diet. You cannot replace your regular meals by taking supplements. For example, if you need more protein, probably it is best to include protein shake instead of more chicken or eggs. Experts of known gyms like Academia often suggest new bodybuilders to take things slow. You might want to wait and see how your body reacts to a certain workout regime and diet plan before deciding on supplements.

Don’t fall for crash diets

There are so many fad diets all over the web that it’s easy to get confused. However, increasing or decreasing food intake can have a long term impact on the body. You need to evaluate your calorie requirements, based on which you can plan a diet program. Avoid meals and foods that deprive the body of nutrients and protein. If required, keep a fitness app to count calories, so that you can correct the frequent eating disorders.

Check the super foods

A few foods are great for any bodybuilder. These are foods that help in gaining muscles and losing weight, even when you are not using additional supplements. Some of the common examples include egg whites, chicken breasts, turkey, top round steak, cod, salmon and cottage cheese. You can also include fresh fruits and veggies to reduce your cravings, but keep a close check on the calorie count as most fruits have high level of sugar content.

Finally, don’t miss on taking advice from your trainer. Instead of relying on every new story, it is best to seek professional diet assistance.

Author Bio – Rafael Gym is a professional trainer and fitness expert. Besides working with leading bodybuilders, he is also into blogging and writing.

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