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Common Car Accident Injuries

Even the best drivers can come across with a major car accident, causing to fatal consequences. Apart from the external injuries on different body parts, the victims of the car accidents mostly suffer from the four common injuries namely- Whiplash, head injuries, chest injuries, and back injuries. It’s the car wreck doctor that identifies that the victim is suffering from which injury after diagnosing the affected area.

Here, the mentioned injuries caused by car accidents are explained in details—


Whiplash is one of the most common injuries caused by automobile accidents. Whenever an individual is hit with a massive amount of force, he/she can be diagnosed with whiplash injury. The person driving the vehicle during the accident is commonly diagnosed with this injury as he/she if hit from the back. With a great pressure, the body snaps in front and then snaps behind causing terrible damage to the neck. It is a soft tissue injury causing serious pains such as chronic pain, joint dysfunction, and herniated discs.

The injured person should immediately visit a chiropractor- well known for healing the accident victims to fix the sprain immediately; otherwise, Whiplash can be the reason behind several other physical discomforts in future.

Head injury

After whiplash, head injury stands second in the position among the most anticipated injuries during the automobile accidents. During the action, the head is often gets injured by slamming on the steering, side windows, roof of the car, windshield or the dashboard. To protect the brain, the chiropractors do their best in healing the patients visiting them. Often the internal hemorrhages and muscle sprains cause serious consequences if not treated immediately.

Back injury

The back is often badly injured during a car wreck. It not only cause massive sprain to the muscles but the spinal cord is worst affected in some cases. The chiropractors know how to deal with the condition and for relieving the patients they apply the massage therapies on the spinal cord. It is said to be the kind of all the nervous system thus, maintaining the spinal cord will not only be relaxing but also great to heal from the back pain. By scanning the back during X-rays or MRIs the car wreck doctors can locate the exact affected area.

The chiropractors have their specialized rehab massages that they apply on the car accident patients with the aim to helping them to get back to their normal life after the therapeutic rehabilitation.

Chest injury

Often the rib bones are broken when the driver is thrown towards the steering. Along with the head and back injury, the chest area also gets injured. Soon after the medication, the chiropractors help the patients to heal with the massage they implement during the rehab. The rib bones are not fixed by plastering. The patients have to undergo complete bed rest and let the ribs get joined once again during the rehab. With chiropractic treatment, the healing can be boosted and patients can come back to the normal life soon.

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