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Cycling, Elliptical or Treadmill – What Is the Best Choice for Shaping Your Legs

Toned and shaped legs are desired by many people. While some people are genetically blessed with toned legs, those who are not may tone and shape their legs through workouts. The workouts which aim at strengthening the muscles can help in toning and shaping the legs.

Tips for shaping legs

There are numerous ways in which you can get toned and well-shaped legs. Few of them include:


Cycling using bicycles or stationary bikes can help in shaping legs. The activity exercises the quadriceps or upper thighs and the hamstrings. While cycling, these muscles contract and release, an action which shapes them. Other muscles like soleus, gastrocnemius and calf muscles also get worked out during cycling.

Cycling has a lesser impact than treadmill and is hence suitable for people who may have had injuries. This is one of the main reasons why many people evaluating Best stationary bike vs treadmill features opt for stationary bike workouts.


A treadmill workout can effectively strengthen and tone the lower body. These workouts help in strengthening the bones and also work the calves, hamstrings, glutes, hips and quads. Treadmill workouts are also recommended to people who have large thighs.

Elliptical machines

Like stationary bikes, an elliptical machine also involves workout of leg muscles like calf muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes and may hence be used for shaping them. The workouts involving elliptical machines and stationary bikes are basically cardiovascular activities which involve a lot of movement of leg muscles.

When these machines are pedaled at high levels of resistance, they effectively stimulate the process of muscle toning. Increasing the resistance levels of these machines for short periods of time is recommended for shaping the legs. A combination workout involving elliptical and stationary bike may be done in order to promote weight loss.

Few other steps which may be taken for shaping and toning the legs include:

  • Weight training exercises which create minor tears in muscle fibers which when healed result in toned and shaped legs.

  • Maintaining weight by aerobic and cardio exercises treadmill and stationary bike workouts.
  • Warming up and cooling down before and after the workout.
  • Following a low calorie diet comprising of fruits, vegetables, chicken breast and other items.
  • Following an exercise routine.

There are several types of workouts which may be done for shaping legs. A suitable one may be chosen based on requirement, the fitness level of the body and the set goals.

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