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Few General Info on the Effectiveness of Blepharoplasty Treatment

Eyelid surgery as it is commonly known is done by an Ophthalmologist for treating varied health disorders related to vision and parts of human eyes. This surgery may be done via skin incision or laser treatment.

The need to do Blepharoplasty:

  • It is a kind of medical treatment aiding to remove skin, add or remove fatty tissues around the eyes.
  • Heavy appearing of eyelid or droopiness of upper eyelid can be rectified.

  • Puffiness under eyes may block clear vision. This can be cleared by removing the excess skin cells or fat present under the skin layer.
  • The surgery even helps in shaping your eyelids.
  • Tightening of eyelids can be done to prevent sagging.
  • Laser skin resurfacing is done to wade off wrinkles.
  • Even skin texture around the eyes can be enhanced by performing this kind of surgery.

It is one of the best cosmetic surgeries to revive your appearance and look young in your old age. The appearance of wrinkles are reduced, the puffiness around the lower eyes which is the characteristic symptom of old age is totally removed and dark tone around the eyes can be eliminated leaving a bright face looking totally glowing.

Thus, the cosmetic surgery wades off dark circles giving you great looks and no skin sagging around the eyes, which helps you look younger. The fatty tissues can be completely removed for clearing your vision. However, it is important to consult with experienced ophthalmologists for the treatment. You can also contact dependable Sherbrooke clinic services by visiting their official websites.

What does the treatment include?

Prior to the surgery, the patient is asked to have detailed examination. The pre-medical history of the patient is studied by the surgeon. It will be advisable to have ice packs, gels, pain reliever drugs, eye mask and gauze at home before the date of surgery. Following the instructions given by your surgeon will surely help in having best desired results in shorter period of time.

General sedation or anaesthesia is given before the surgery takes place. You can have bruising or swelling for a day. After few days, the pain, swelling, reddish appearance and the scars of surgery disappear. You can use cold compress to reduce the after effects of the surgery.

There are minimal complications involved like infections, itching, dry eyes or feeling uncomfortable while closing eyes can be experienced while the healing process is going on. After a week, the post surgery health issues will vanish.

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