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Is Over The Counter Phentermine Ideal For Use?

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant drug, which is only available on prescription. In most cases, the drug is only prescribed to obese individuals, who are at the risk of developing other serious health condition as a result of their overweight. Also, the drug is prescribed to such individuals who aren’t able to reduce in spite of dieting and exercising.

Since Phentermine is a Schedule IV controlled substance, it is difficult to acquire for those who want to lose moderate amount of weight. This is the main reason why people are turning to over the counter Phentermine. However, before getting any OTC Phentermine, it is necessary to figure out whether OTC Phentermine works as good as real Phentermine or not.

Real Phentermine Vs over the counter Phentermine

Mostly Phentermine is only prescribed for short term use. The doctor who prescribed the said drug will monitor its effects and progress regularly and will recommend appropriate diet and exercises along with it. On the other hand, phentermine available over the counter is ideal for long term use. This is because it contains some additional natural and herbal ingredients.

Well, if you are wondering whether it is ideal to use OTC Phentermine compared to real Phentermine, the answer is YES. Some of the OTC Phentermine products that you can easily get in pharmacies are:

  • Phen 375
  • Phentramin D
  • FenFast 375
  • Phenblue
  • TrimThin

You can get any of the above mentioned products without prescription, but keep in mind that the results of every product may vary. Also, there are chances that some may not work for you at all.

Ingredients in OTC Phentermine

Usually, OTC Phentermine contains only benefiting ingredients, but there are chances that some ingredients may have negative effects. This is the reason that even if you are planning to take OTC Phentermine, it is necessary to consult your physician.

While buying OTC Phentermine, go through the ingredients list thoroughly and if you aren’t able to understand any, ask for the same to your doctor or the pharmacist. Understand what every ingredient do and what are the potential side effects associated with all the mentioned ingredients. Some of the common ingredients found in OTC Phentermine includes Caffeine, Synephrine, Yohimbe, PEA, etc.

In order to make an informed decision and a wise purchase, it is necessary to do a little research. Compare milligram strength, price, ingredients, etc. of different products against each other and always try to stick to a familiar and reputed brand name.


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