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Natural Therapies and Supplements For Anxiety

Anxiety is an experience that is unpleasant, daunting and can affect a person from carrying out normal daily activity effectively. It kills the passion in living and as an added problem, can make a person depress in the long term.

Science had made great discoveries and studies on connecting the human brain and the nervous system. Through the studies of the 2 components, it has help experts to formulate natural therapies and supplements for anxiety that has greater advantage over drugs.

Natural supplements are safer to use and are cost-effective. It helps people to balance out their diet and cleans out the toxin from their body. Natural therapies on the other hand helps people to heal through accessing them through the cognitive and emotional level to control anxiety through understanding the mind works.

Here are some of the examples of natural therapies and supplements for anxiety that are widely used and available in the market. You may want to explore the ones that are suitable for your body type.


Kava kava is an extract from roots of the plant called kava. It is used in ancient healing methods for hundreds of years. Kava has similar effect of alcohol minus the bad health effects of alcohol. Kava promotes relaxation, making a person feels relax and more open in socialising. The supplement takes effect usually 30 minutes after consumption and is non-addictive. Kava works as a pain reliever and was proven effective for back pain. On health benefits, kava helps reduce the risk of leukemia and ovarian cancer.Kava is not suitable for people with allergies to black pepper. In using Kava, you should read the instructions and get advice from doctors first.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is another supplement used for treating anxiety. Valerian is an extract from the roots of the Valerian plant. Like the Kava, it is also a type of herb used for many years ago as a healing remedy that reduce nervous tension and stress.Valerian roots are also used as a sleep aid, calming an upset stomach and also arthritis.

Natural therapies includes relaxation breathing techniques, meditation, cognitive behavior therapy and neuroplasticity. Natural therapies aims to bring balance by healing the cognitive or thoughts level and balancing the bodily fluid and pH levels. These methods are getting recognition by clinical health companies as the effective method in healing anxiety and panic attacks.

There you have it, 2 categories of natural therapies and supplements for anxiety that you can choose from. You can consume supplements that helps heal anxiety and also gives your body more nutrients or choose from taking therapies that heals your anxiety through the mind and spirit. The 2 categories are completely safe options that do not give side effects.

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