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Serotonin & Dopamine – the perfect combination

There are few neurotransmitters which are responsible for overall health in an individual. Among them dopamine and serotonin are also included. They have the property to influence feelings of pleasure, mood and a sense of well being in an individual.


Serotonin and dopamine:

Same MAO enzyme is responsible for the metabolism of serotonin and dopamine. These two are biogenic amines. These two neurotransmitter’s increased levels have the same effect by MAO inhibitors.

Among these two, serotonin is considered as inhibitory neurochemical. Whereas dopamine is considered as a excitatory neuro-chemical. Serotonin controls the fire of neurons. Dopamine makes sure that neurons will fire. But even dopamine comes with few inhibitory effects as well.

For the balanced cognitive function and mood, adequate level of dopamine and serotonin is necessary. The effects of these two neurochemicals have a deal of interplay.

Greater desire to eat is initiated by dopamine whereas serotonin will reduce the cravings of hunger. Dopamine is the reason behind feelings of pleasure which is generated after the consumption of food.

Greater impulsivity actions are observed in the individuals who are taking drugs which increase dopamine. This should be administered using SSRI. In this condition serotonin can help to balance the effects caused by dopamine. But the way it works is complex to understand.

Balanced level of serotonin and dopamine:

People always choose to increase these neuro chemicals naturally because their adequate level can result in feel-good effects. There are foods and certain natural methods to achieve this. Even pharmaceutical drugs are available which can serve the same purpose. But they are usually used by people suffering from anxiety and depression issues.

It is always better to gain the balanced levels of dopamine and serotonin without using prescription drugs because they come with lot of side effects. Some other effective methods to achieve this are listed below.

  • One can increase the intake of low fat and high protein diets
  • Foods which are rich in tyrosine and tryptophan included in the diet can yield the results because dopamine’s natural precursor being tyrosine can take care of dopamine levels. In the synthesis of serotonin tryptophan will be used
  • Plenty of water intake is the key to achieve adequate levels of these neurotransmitters
  • Dopamine and serotonin production is also supported by balanced amount of vitamin B6, B12 and D
  • 5-htp is considered as a natural serotonin enhancing product. This can be used as it is a non-prescription drug
  • Mucuna pruriens supplements included in the daily regimen can take care of dopamine levels
  • Many biological agents, neurotransmitters and hormone levels can be balanced by following a tuned exercise program everyday

Numerous adverse side effects and health conditions are experienced due to the imbalance of these two neurotransmitters. Of course there is difference between the functions and reactions caused by these two. But one common thing is they both take part in creating feelings like sadness, happiness and negativity in an individual. In all times, one should balance between these mood boosters in order to stay calm.

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