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Travelling With High Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure can be a health risk when travelling abroad because this can lead to a host of complications. It is important to declare high blood pressure when applying for travel insurance because otherwise you may not be covered in the event of anything going wrong.


There are several ways to make sure that travelling with high blood pressure will not cause problems. In this guide, there are several helpful tips on how to ensure your safety. Read these tips on travelling with high blood pressure from Medical Travel Compared

Health insurance

When claiming health insurance it is important to fully disclose any issues which contribute to high blood pressure. This includes obesity, smoking and any previous heart attacks or strokes. Some insurance companies will offer comprehensive cover for people with high blood pressure.


Make sure that you pack all the medication which you require on your trip. This medication includes statins and beta blockers. Ensure that you will not run out of supplies whilst you are abroad. Running out of medication could cause complications down the line.

Clearly label all your medication to ensure that it can be returned to you in the event of your bag being lost or stolen.
Hospital Information

When travelling abroad it is important to always be aware where the nearest hospital and the nearest doctor surgery are during your stay. Armed with this information, you can access medical care in the event of any emergencies.


If you have to be treated during your stay make sure that the hospital staff or the doctors can understand you. If communication is difficult, bring a translator with you so that they can explain exactly what the problem is. A language barrier will make it extremely difficult for you to receive the medical care which you require.

Alcohol And Smoking

When you are abroad there is a temptation to indulge in things such as cheap alcohol and cheap cigarettes. The problem with this is that increased smoking and drinking can lead to higher blood pressure and a host of complications. Remember that everything can be enjoyed in moderation and will allow you to have a pleasant holiday without worrying about putting a strain on your health.

Strenuous Activity

Strenuous activity whilst on holiday can lead to higher blood pressure. Activities such as cycling, hiking and surfing can be extremely fun, but remember these activities can lead to complications like heart attacks and strokes. Choose more sedentary activities if you are worried that too much exercise could cause problems.

Rest is an incredibly important commodity which may be in short supply when you are on holiday. Ensure that you have some time to slow your heart rate down if you happen to be doing highly-energised activities.

Follow this advice for low blood-pressure on holiday.

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