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Two Quality Hospitals in Kano, Nigeria

Kano may be the third largest city in Nigeria. The crowded metropolitan city encompasses 499 square kilometers in eight Municipality Areas. Kano is a vital trade and shipping center. It’s many historic attractions such as the walls from the Old City, the big Kurmi market, the Central Mosque and also the Gidan Makama Museum. The care service obtainable in Kano hospitals is sufficient but because commerce grows, this can improve with time. There’s a couple of hospitals with modern facilities. Read for a few of the popular hospitals in Kano.

Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH) is situated on Zaria Road within the town of Kano. This hospital is known for offering quality healthcare service. This teaching hospital is multidisciplinary and is renowned for its research and training activities. A healthcare facility building has 500 beds because of its patients. A healthcare facility began in 1988 and it has departments in a variety of clinical specialties including therapy. The overall outpatient department is spacious. AKTH is on retainer with lots of corporations for his or her employees. The inpatient department also offers large anesthesiology and intensive care divisions as well as an advanced dental and maxillofacial surgery department.

The system of accident and emergency care at AKTH is well outfitted to provide various medical and surgical services and in addition it includes a specialized pediatric section. The emergency care unit has both general and neonatal ICUs. AKTH offers antenatal and immunization programs. Treatment in dialysis and kidney transplant surgical treatment is available too. The surgery division is well outfitted to provide effective service generally and specialized areas. It’s many laboratories, nine pharmacies or even a drug-manufacturing facility. AKTH has modern imaging facilities for example radiography, mammography, CT, 3D, ECG, Doppler ultrasound checking, fluoroscopy and endoscopy. A healthcare facility offers accommodations generally and amenities within the wards. AKTH has catering, laundry and security divisions for everyone the requirements of its patients too

Murtala Mohammed Specialists Hospital (MMSH) is yet another important hospital and it is centrally found in the city. This condition government hospital is considered because the greatest general hospital in Kano and among the largest in Sub Saharan Africa. It’s well outfitted departments in most major disciplines. A healthcare facility also offers an impressively large maternity unit which conducts 13000 deliveries yearly. An 80 bed 2 story building seemed to be built within this unit. The surgery division has units in lots of major specialties and it is new bloodstream bank started in ’09 and offers excellent service.

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