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What Are The Different Types Of Drug Tests?

Drug testing is a process to examine the amount of drug substances in the body. With the help of such laboratory tests, it is possible to identify whether a person is under any influence or not. Police, narcotics department, doctors etc often initiate the examination for people under any charge. At the same time, families of the addict often pursue the examination to find out whether what drugs are taken by the person. Apart from all these reasons, drug testing has now become a major screening process by the employers.

Different Types Of Drug Tests

Let’s have a quick look at the different types of drug tests

Saliva Test

Employers, parents or doctors initiate the saliva testing to identify the SAMHSA-5 group. This includes methamphetamines, speed, amphetamines, cannabinoids like marijuana or hash, cocaine including benzoylecgonine, crack, phencyclidine (PCP) and opiates like morphine, heroin, codeine or opium.

Parents can try this test at home on their teen kids with the help of drug testing kits that is excellent to detect the variety of drug consumed by the youngster. At the same time, this is cost-effective and a great way to secure the privacy.

Saliva Test

Urine Test

A common process to check drug abuse is urine testing. From the urine samples, it is detected that which drug is consumed. This is a one-stop test for the individuals with drug accusations. Substances like cocaine, phencyclidine (PCP), marijuana, methadone, methamphetamine, or benzodiazepines are detected from the urine samples of the individuals.

Urine Test

Blood Test

Mainly during investigations, blood testing for drug abuse is undergone. The rate of alcohol or other substances are checked from the test which are more invasive than urine, saliva and hair tests. In the labs, the test is undergone and is checked the exact amount of substances consumed by the accused.

Blood Test

Hair Test

From the hair follicle drug test kits, it is easily detected whether the person accused of drug abuse has actually taken the substance. Hair testing is a routine test in the labs for the illegal drug consumption. Substances like PCP, cocaine, marijuana, opiates and amphetamines can be detected from this test. As the hair follicle has rich blood vessel, the individual is exposed to drug consumption. As hair growth is a long-term process, the drug particles remain in the blood cells for which it can be detected even days after the substance consumption.

Hair Test


This is a machine called breathalyzer mainly used by the cops and the narcotics police that check whether the accused has consumed alcohol or not. This one-stop equipment detects the criminal during a Drink and Drive case or Driving under influence (DUI) accusations. Later, serious charges are given to the accused if the DUI case is filed.

Apart from the blood and urine test, the examination with breathalyzer helps to detect the alcohol consumption for other cases as well. Most accused or the criminal charges are undergone with all these tests.

Employees of different offices have to pass the test to enter the office every day to maintain the healthy work culture at the workplace.


So, these are the couple of important tests that help to identify the drug consumptions.

Author’s Bio: Lisa H. is an activist working for spreading awareness of teen drug addiction. From the articles, readers are helped with key information that they look for.


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